Month: February 2019

Daily Dean Episode 5

DailyDEAN E005

In this episode, we meet with Matt Hisiger, chef/owner of LB Social, to talk about Long Beach NY, diversity & his fantastic restaurant. Next we head to the office, make some sales calls, book some appointments and finally wrap up the day with Dean Mercado of to go over strategy for our new campaigns, the relaunch of the new DeanMillerRealEstate company and our business ideas and mindset.

Daily Dean Episode 3

DailyDEAN E003

In this episode…. A major part of any good agents success is to get coaching on a consistent basis. … I receive a thank you gift (The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk is still one of my favorite books, you should read it). … We sit down to record the Handsome Homebuyer podcast with Charles Weinraub, and talk about business, giving back, business growth and more. … Customer/Client appreciation events are always a great idea, and we also talk a little bit about why I absolutely despise bullys.
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