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Are you a first time homeowner who wants to keep your house in good shape? Do you worry that you don’t have the skills to handle any problems that may arise? If so, you are in the right place.

This simple guide offers some easy home maintenance tips. Keep reading to learn more.

Create a Home Maintenance Schedule

One of the best ways to ensure you take care of your home maintenance is to create a schedule. Your first step is to make a list of routine tasks to perform in your home. There are lots of online resources and checklist suggestions.

You can create a calendar online and use reminders to help keep you on track.

As you find service professionals to perform the more complex items, add their contact information to the calendar. It will make your job more manageable if you don’t have to track them down every year.

Learn About Your Home

A significant first step is understanding how the equipment in your home works.

For example, a typical house will have a heating and air conditioning system, plumbing, and electrical equipment. In addition, some homes have solar panels, while others may have an elevator or central vacuum system.

Find your main water shutoff valve. If you have natural gas, locate your gas shutoff. Locate your circuit breaker box and learn what breakers turn off which electrical areas in your home.

You will know how to do it if you need to turn these off in an emergency. Your property may have sprinkler systems and a yard to maintain. There may be landscaping tasks to consider and a garden to take care of.

Don’t forget about your roof gutters and the roof itself. Each of these systems will require routine home maintenance as well as annual checkups.

Routine Home Maintenance Tasks

House cleaning is always a routine task that protects the value of your home. Some jobs are done on a weekly or monthly basis. You can take care of most of them as a homeowner.

Clean your dryer vent regularly as it is the most common source of fire in a home. Also, check with your local building store, as they sometimes offer free courses for homeowners who want to learn how to perform maintenance and repairs on their homes.

As you learn about the more complicated tasks, you’ll be able to maintain your home like a pro.

Listing Your Home

If you plan on selling your home, it’s a good idea to review your maintenance checklist and take care of some more obvious items. Most home buyers ask for a home inspection, and you’ll want your home to pass with flying colors.

Keeping up with regular maintenance will keep your home in good condition, and you won’t have to do a lot of work when you decide to sell.

Organize a deep cleaning to ensure your home puts its best foot forward.

Clean up your yard to improve the curb appeal of your home. If you’re keeping your home in tip-top shape to improve its resale value, we can help.

Annual Home Maintenance Plans

There are quite a few items that need to be done in the fall to prepare your home for weather changes. However, other things are best done in the springtime to prepare your home and yard for more frequent use.

Some of these tasks are best left to professionals if you don’t have the skills to perform them yourself.

Air Filtration Systems

Change the filters in your furnace and HVAC systems as soon as you move in. They trap pollutants and any allergens in the air. A clogged or dirty filter isn’t as efficient as a new one, so it’s best to begin with a fresh filter.

Changing the filter is a simple task a homeowner can perform. Be sure to turn off your system before you pull out the filters.

You can bring the old filter to the hardware store and find replacement ones. Then slide the new filter into place and turn your system back on again.

Weather Stripping and Caulking

To prevent heat loss in the winter, check your weather stripping for cracks and recaulk any areas that need it. Recaulking is best done at the end of the summer while the weather is dry.

Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Properly functioning smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms will save your life if you have a fire. You should check them at least once a year to ensure they work correctly.

When you first move in, replace the batteries so you know they are fresh.

Gutters and Windows

Regular cleaning of your gutters will allow water to flow freely away from your home. Extend your downspout to direct the water further away from your foundation.

When your gutters fill with leaves, rainwater will overflow, and your gutters may collapse. Arrange to have your windows cleaned annually by a professional window cleaner.

Leak Checks and Hot Water Tank

Check your basement for possible water leaks at least once a year. It’s best to keep an eye on the areas under the sink or in your laundry room, as water leaks can cause damage if they aren’t discovered early.

Check your hot water tank for signs of corrosion. Then, insulate your water heater with an insulating wrap. A wrap will reduce energy costs as it keeps the heat in.

Your Home’s Exterior

Your home maintenance tasks will include needing a new coat of paint or a pressure wash if you have siding every few years. Any peeling or chipping of paint allows moisture to enter your home. Be sure to fill holes or openings in your siding to keep bugs and water out.

Pressure wash your sidewalks and driveway to remove winter debris. If your driveway has cracks in the surface, it’s an opportunity for weeds to grow. Consider having your driveway sealed to prevent the cracks from getting worse.

Find Your Dream Home Today

Regular maintenance keeps your home in great shape for a future sale. We hope you found these home maintenance tips helpful.

Dean Miller Real Estate offers a full range of real estate expertise to provide a hassle-free experience for people who want to upgrade or downsize their homes.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home on Long Island, contact us and we will help you achieve your homeownership goals.

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