Front Lawn Renovation - 7 Clear Signs Your Home Is Overdue

Did you know that tasteful landscaping can increase property value by tens of thousands of dollars? Landscaping is one of the few home improvements you can invest in that not only adds property value immediately but continues to increase in value in the coming years.

Interior design and architectural trends come and go, but plants and trees grow more robust, fuller, and more beautiful as the years go by.

Neglecting your lawn can actually hurt the value of your home. And once you let it go so far, it can be costly to make the necessary improvements so that it looks inviting again.

If you find yourself looking at your yard and yearning for the curb appeal it once had, it may be time for a front lawn renovation.

Whether you’re striving to enjoy your backyard again or getting ready to sell, here are seven tell-tale signs it’s time for a landscaping upgrade.

1. A Weekend’s Worth of Work Doesn’t Make a Difference

Do you ever spend a Saturday—or worse, your entire weekend—tidying up your yard, but it doesn’t seem to look any better?

When this happens, it’s likely because your existing landscaping is no longer cutting it. It could be overgrown so that elements run into each other and no longer create a straightforward design.

If you keep at it and no amount of work seems to make you hate your yard any less, it’s time to think about updating your lawn with new landscaping.

2. You Haven’t Landscaped in Several Years

When you see more weeds than lawn, it’s time for a complete front lawn makeover.

Even if you’ve taken care of your property, landscaping will begin to feel flat and less inviting than it did when you first installed it. This isn’t your fault—plants and trees change as the years go by. Mulch or gravel can begin to fade in color, migrate, or become patchy and thin.

Instead of trying to force your old landscaping design and elements to perform, consider a fresh start.

3. You Have Water Drainage Issues

Water drainage issues are common among homeowners, so if you notice that your yard isn’t effectively routing water away from your house, you need to address it quickly.

Most drainage problems are caused by soggy trouble spots—areas of your yard that never seem to fully dry out because of a depression in your landscape or an improper slope in the ground. Unless you adjust your landscape elements to direct water away from your home, these issues will persist.

4. You Have a Pest or an Animal Problem

If you begin to notice irregular patches of discoloration in your lawn, you may have a grub infestation. These are insect larvae that eat the roots of grass, which causes them to wilt and eventually die. If you dig up a patch of your yard in a suspect area and see white bugs rolled up in a C-shape, these are grubs. Unless you’re a professional, you’re going to need some help to get rid of these pests.

Other animals like deer, raccoons, and rabbits may be a common sight if you live outside of the city. While they’re cute to look at, you don’t want them in your front or back yard. If you’re facing this problem, you might want to consider installing fencing or planting detractors.

5. Your Plants and Grass Are Dying

If your lawn begins to fade or turn pale yellow, it’s likely experiencing a lack of nitrogen—also called chlorosis. If you don’t address this immediately, your lawn could die.

The same goes for plants. They have a limited lifespan, so they can quickly go beyond repair if they begin to decline. If you place them in the wrong area or there is an issue with your soil quality, they won’t survive.

For this reason, if you see these signs of disease or general unhappiness from your landscaping, you must fix it immediately so your yard and plants will continue to thrive.

6. Your Lawn Lacks Privacy

When you’re standing in your yard, are you on full display? Can your neighbors tell what you have for dinner every night?

If you answered “yes,” you need to re-design your lawn and add more landscaping elements around your home. If you have the appropriate lawn renovation budget, add a bit of natural separation along your property lines.

7. Your Yard Feels Empty

Your yard sets the intention for your home. Think back to when you toured your house with a real estate agent for the first time. Were you blown away by the landscaping? If you no longer experience that feeling, your lawn likely needs some TLC.

Even if you have a decently large backyard, it’s not used to its full potential if it looks dull. Empty spaces aren’t attractive unless you have a large family with children or pets that love playing and running in your yard all day.

Is It Time for a Front Lawn Renovation?

Are you noticing any of the above signs of a lawn screaming for attention? Unless you’re a DIY expert, it’s probably time to call for help. Some professionals specialize in front lawn renovation, so consider hiring one or a designer to help you with your landscape remodel.

With some advanced planning, a lawn renovation or remodel can be fun, productive, and rewarding. You may even complete it in time to enjoy an early summer BBQ.

If you’re interested in your home’s current value or what you can do to increase it down the line, let’s talk.

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