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Looking to either buy or sell a home in Nassau County, NY? Either way, it’s important to understand the value Nassau County offers its residents. What follows is a list we compiled of 11 fun places in Nassau County worth experiencing. Sellers… use it to attract buyers. Buyers… use it to help you decide whether or not Nassau County is right for you.

Here goes.

1. Cradle of Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum offers tours for families, schools, and everyday visitors. Once you step into the museum, you’ll feel at the center of the flight world. The first recorded flight on Long Island took place in 1896, and since then, it has been a hub for flights and training during the World Wars.

2. Jones Beach State Park of Nassau County

Jones Beach boasts over 6 miles of sandy, white beaches. More than just beaches, it offers a boardwalk with activities, restaurants, mini-golf, and so much more. It’s located on the south shore of Long Island in Nassau County.

3. Old Westbury Gardens

Old Westbury Gardens is a historic mansion and garden in Nassau County. If you want to know what to do in Nassau County, you should add this to your list. The formal English gardens and large mansion provide a beautiful opportunity for photography, a Sunday stroll, or a historic tour.

4. The David Weld Sanctuary

If you want an escape from city life, look no further than the David Weld Sanctuary. This sanctuary offers a beautiful three-mile nature trail. You’ll pass blooming tulips, large cedar trees, an old swamp, and end up at a boulder beach.

If you see a drop-off, this is from years ago when a glacier melted off the side into the Long Island Sound and formed a large depression.

5. Deep Hollow Ranch

Want a shocking stat about this ranch? Deep Hollow Ranch is the oldest working ranch in all of the United States. Founded in 1658, this ranch is rooted deep in history.

A visit to Deep Hollow Ranch will allow you to take a trail ride along the shore and beaches. You’ll be guided along the coastline by a trail guide so you can sit back and take in the beautiful scenery.

If you have a child who loves to ride, they also offer pony camps during the summer months.

6. Fire Island

Located just south of Long Island, Fire Island is a car-free escape. Visitors walk, bike, and drive golf carts, but there are no cars allowed. Both locals and tourists visit this island to get an escape from their hectic lifestyles to relax on its white, sandy beaches.

Visitors love to visit the lighthouses, canoe around the Salt Marsh, boat, fish, surf, and relax on the beach.

7. Lavender by the Bay

Lavender by the Bay boasts over 80,000 lavender plants. Country Living has rated Long Island’s lavender farm as one of the top six to visit in the country. You’re able to walk through the lavender fields to explore and can also take bunches home with you from the shop.

If you’re looking for something to do with your pets, this is the place for you since they are pet-friendly!

8. Avalon Park

Located on over 200 acres of land, the Avalon Nature Preserve has a boardwalk that is free and open to the public. In addition to offering a place to be at peace with nature, there are also events and youth programs that occur at the park.

From yoga and meditation to the youth writing program, Avalon Park offers it all. Who wouldn’t want to see the preservation of nature while meditating?

9. The Cup Coffeehouse

From an open mic night to a quaint cafe with delicious coffee, the Cup Coffeehouse offers everything you could want in a single space. If you’re a coffee-lover, mic night lover, or socialite, this is the place for you.

You can show up for a coffee with friends and play a board game while you enjoy it. Or you can show up to dinner for small bites.

10. Walt Whitman Birthplace

Walt Whitman’s family’s roots on Long Island date back to the 17th century. In 1957, the Walt Whitman Birthplace became New York’s 22nd historic site.

Most of the house has remained how it was when Whitman lived there, with minor restorations and changes to show the original floorplan.

11. The International Delight Café

With over 80 gelato flavors, you will be overwhelmed with curiosity and excitement when you walk into this quaint café. You may find yourself ordering over two gallons of gelato on a Belgian waffle.

If you’re not in the mood for gelato, the café also offers sandwiches, quesadillas, salads, pastries, burgers, international entrees, and anything else you could imagine.

Wrapping It Up

Buyers… Are any or all of these fun places in Nassau County calling your name?

Sellers… gain any new ideas on how to attract and educate potential buyers?

At Dean Miller Real Estate, we would love to help you kick off this next stage of your journey. Whether you are trying to sell your house in Nassau County, or you are looking to buy one, contact us today to help you out!

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  1. The title of this article should have been “11 Fun Places on Long Island”. Avalon Park (Stony Brook), Walt Whitman’s Birthplace (Huntington), David Weld Sanctuary (Nissequogue, near St. James), Deep Hallow Ranch (Montauk), Fire Island ( Stretches from the towns of Babylon, Islip, and Brookhaven), Lavender By The Bay (Calverton and East Marion) are located in Suffolk County. The rest are located in Nassau County. Otherwise, it is a very informative article. I never knew that there is a working ranch on Long Island. Thanks. Well done article.

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