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The past few years found a pretty large exodus of New York City residents. In fact, 320,00 people decided they’d had enough of city living and were moving out beyond the city limits.

With a hot housing market, that meant New Yorkers were looking for NY real estate, not in the city. Enter the alluring Garden City, NY real estate market and all the lovely amenities this area has to offer.

Garden City, NY gives off the quintessential small-town vibe with all the amenities of a big city close by. If you’re looking at houses for sale and not finding the right place, it might be time to consider Garden City.

Read on to learn more about the homes for Garden City, NY and the homes for sale here too.

Garden City Allure

There’s a reason Garden City is so popular when considering homes for sale outside of the city. Let’s start with its collection of Tudor and colonial homes and tree-lined streets.

The town has easy access to all of Long Island’s major highways and has 5 train depots in town for commuters. Located only 18 miles east of midtown Manhattan, this also makes for a reasonable commute for those traveling back to the city for work.

Really though, Garden City is a community that’s proud to be a community. Residents know each other and welcome each other. Families move here and stay to raise their children.

Garden City Demographics

Garden City is located in Nassau County, Long Island on Long Beach. Often when people refer to Garden City, they also include nearby hamlets of Garden City including  Garden City Park, Garden City South, and East Garden City.

The population of the Village of Garden City is relatively small at 22,454 residents who all live in urban settings versus rural settings.

The community is filled with residents who would be considered affluent with a median household income of $174,900. The New York median income is only $68,500 and the NYC metro area median income is $78,800.

Along with being affluent, the community values education. ( More on schools shortly). Of the village of Garden City residents, 74% of them have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Real Estate Demographics

Finding real estate can be competitive in Garden City. Residents come to stay and often will even trade up for larger homes while staying in the community.

Garden City real estate offers both single-family homes and condominiums. In 2019, the median value of the real estate (house or condo) was $978,326. This is considerably higher than the New York median price of $338,700.

Of the houses in Garden City, 6,929 were owner-occupied, while the remaining 564 were renter-occupied. Only 8% of residents of Garden City are renters compared to New York’s 46% of renters.

When considering homes and condos whose owners have a mortgage, the median household income was $206, 818. This compares to the median income of $146,753 for renters. The median monthly housing costs are $3,3174.

Garden City Cost of Living

Garden City might boast small town appeal, but it’s going to cost you. New York has a cost of living index of 120, while Garden City has a cost of living index of 212. Virtually everything costs more in Garden City.

Housing, though, is the biggest contributor to the cost of living index. The housing index comes in at 397.  The average price of a home in Garden City is $930,000 with the median time for a home to be on the market being 32 days.

Choosing the Best Garden City Neighborhood for You

As you consider Garden City real estate, it’s good to know the Village of Garden City is divided into several neighborhoods: Mott section, Estate section, Central section, Eastern section, and Western section.

You’ll hear the most about the Mott section versus the Estates section.

Let’s take a closer look at these neighborhoods.

Eastern Section

Bordering Hempstead village, the Eastern section is likely where you’ll find the most affordable real estate in Garden City. If you plan to commute to the city, you should know this is one of the only neighborhoods that isn’t within walking distance to the train station.

The southeast area of the Eastern section is most affordable because it borders Hempstead which is a low-income community with a higher crime rate.

Western Section

One of the safest sections in Garden City, the Western section has the least traffic congestion. There are newer homes here that are more cookie-cutter than other areas of Garden City.

This part of Garden City is considered one of the safest too.

Estates Section

The Estates section is the most sought-after area in Garden City and is lovely for families. There are many large homes, many with 4 to 6 bedrooms. This area is also close to schools, making it nice for families.

This area is in the flight path for JFK airport, so you do hear some plane noise. You are also not within walking distance of the Village.

Mott Section

The Mott section has many older homes dating back to the 1930s. In this section of Garden City, you’re within walking distance of the Mineola train station.

Garden City Schools

People move to Garden City so their kids can attend the schools here. They are highly acclaimed especially for a population that puts such value on education.

The Garden City Union Free School District contains 10 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, and 3 high schools.

Get to Know Garden City, NY Real Estate Options

There’s a whole lot to love about Garden City and Garden City, NY real estate. While you might be nervous to trade in city living for outside the city, most people move to Garden City and never want to leave again.

If you’re in the market for a new home and are ready to take a look at Garden City, we can help. Contact us today and we’ll help you find a home that fits perfectly for you in Garden City.

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