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When you decide to sell your house, you want to do everything you can to make it sell as fast as possible. This includes knowing how to purge your house to get it ready to sell.

The good news is that the average house sits on the market for just 68 days. That means it’s likely you’ll be able to get out of your old home quickly, but there are always things you can do to make your house more attractive and appealing to buyers.

Getting rid of clutter around your home should always be your first step. Unfortunately, this can feel a bit overwhelming, and even personal, when you’re in the middle of a house hunt. Remember, you have decided it’s time to move, so uncluttering and de-personalizing the home will give potential buyers the ability to see themselves in the home when it’s time for them to move in.

Here’s how to purge your house of those unwanted items quickly so you can start showing it without worry.

Go Room By Room

When you make the decision to sell and start decluttering your house, it’s tempting to try to tackle the whole house at once. While it’s possible to be successful with this method, it often takes far longer.

Instead, break your decluttering session up into bite-sized pieces. Go room by room or organize by category until each area is complete. If you’re not sure where to start, pick the common areas of your house.

Rooms like dens, living rooms, dining areas, and the kitchen are parts of the home that buyers love to focus on. If they’re clean, the rest of your house will seem clean, even if it’s not perfect.

Get Rid of Items You Haven’t Used in Years

As you go room by room, pay attention to the things you have in each space. Are there items that you bought, but haven’t used in years or gifts you received but never really wanted? If so, get rid of them.

You can have a garage sale, or use sites like e-Bay, craigslist, as well as a multitude of apps that can help you unload your unwanted or unused items, and make a little cash on the side or donate the items that are in good shape to charities that can use them and maybe even get a tax deduction from it.

Make sure you do the same thing in your closets. If there are items you haven’t worn in years or that are too tattered to look presentable, get rid of them.

Think About How Much Furniture You Need

Believe it or not, miscellaneous knickknacks and decorations aren’t the only things that can make a room feel cluttered. Furniture can, too.

As you go through each room, think about which pieces of furniture you actually need. If you use each one regularly, talk with your real estate agent to see about improving their layout to create a more open feel (AKA Home Staging). However, if some pieces just sit there collecting dust, move them into storage or sell them to someone who will use them.

This will make your home feel less cluttered and can even save you money when you move. You’ll have fewer things for the movers to pack up and haul. The less they have to move, the more money you’ll save.

Put Away Personal Items

When people go to open houses or showings, they want to be able to picture themselves in the house. This means you’ll need to put away personal items like family photos and decorations that might make the room look too busy.

You should also consider locking up prescription medications, jewelry, and other valuables while you’re not at home.

People tend to open every cabinet and drawer just to get a better picture of the storage options your home has. While most of the prospective buyers touring your property are trustworthy, there’s always the chance that something might go missing.

Ditch Those Expired Goods

Turn your attention to the cabinets in your bathroom and your kitchen. Are there items that you can’t remember buying or ones that you’ve kept long past the expiration date?

If so, get rid of them. Take any expired medications to a medication drop-off location for proper and safe disposal. If you have old and outdated food, toss it in the trash and recycle the packaging if you can.

This will help declutter your cabinets and makes it easier to pack up your home once you do sell it.

Store or Hide What You Can’t Part With

There will always be some items that you just can’t get rid of and can’t find a good place to store them at home. You have a few choices here: rent a storage unit and use it until you move or get creative.

If you choose to rent a storage unit, look for a facility that offers flexible hours so you can access your belongings as needed. If you absolutely need to keep things at home, find ways to mask what you’re keeping.

For example, instead of keeping your pile of sweaters on the closet shelf, put them in a decorative storage bin. Hide boxes and under the bed storage containers with a bed skirt that complements your current bedding.

Making those few adjustments can make your home look less cluttered, more organized, and more pristine instantly.

Organize Your Cables

Electronics have a way of creating a major tangle of cables that peek out from behind entertainment centers, desks, and workstations. This can make even the cleanest office or living room look cluttered and unkempt.

Do what you can to organize those cables. Use zip ties or twist-ties to bundle the slack for each cable. Then, bundle the cables together to keep them contained.

This will make your space look cleaner and can even make it easier to pack up your electronics and reassemble them at your new house.

Understanding How to Purge Your House Is Simple

These tips should make figuring out how to purge your house easier, but remember to be patient with yourself. It’s going to take time and you’re going to find items that will bring up fond memories as you go.

Keep yourself focused by remembering that the sooner you declutter your house, the sooner you can start showing the property, and moving on to the next step of your life.

If you’re ready to put your house on the market or just want some help finding a new home to call your own, don’t wait. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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