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In this episode of If You Live Here, I get the distinct honor of once again sampling some great Long Island eats. This time we feature Craft Kitchen & Tap House just a hop skip and a jump from our real estate office in Wantagh NY.

Check out the following video to get a sneak peek inside and more importantly, try them out for yourself.

Bon appétit!

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"Craft Kitchen & Tap House" Video Transcript

Dean Miller (00:00):

Hey everybody. 

Welcome to If You Live Here, I’m Dean Miller. 

I wanted to take a minute and just give you a little insight as to what we were hoping to achieve here. There’s foodie shows everywhere and I get that, but we were looking to do something a little bit different, and we actually started and launched and produced a couple episodes and got great response and we can’t thank you enough.

We get a chance to interview Matt Hisiger from LB Social. Fortunately for them, their business is actually picking up since the whole stay in place order went into play, but we looked at this and said, “What’s the purpose behind it?” And the reality of it is we love going into restaurants, it’s something that I’ve been passionate about. If you know anything about me, you even know that I owned one for a while, but we wanted to go in and show off the product.

Dean Miller (00:41):

But more importantly, we wanted to show off the people that were there because that’s what community is all about. And to us, if you live here is nothing more than a place to create community. So we hope you come along for the ride and enjoy what we do. We’re going to show you some great food, some great places. It’s not just about food, it’s going to be about local businesses here specifically on Long Island. And we hope you’ll come along for the ride and help us to determine what the best places are if you live here. 

So we look forward to staying up to date, connecting and engaging with you. We would love your follows, but more importantly, we would love your comments and your engagement. Connect with us, we’re going to create polls, we want to understand what you think is the best burger, the best chicken wing, the best egg roll, the best clothes store.

Dean Miller (01:24):

All those little things that are important, that helped create what a community is all about. We hope to get your support and your feedback so that we can help create that opportunity for people who are moving into the neighborhood as well. So we look forward to bringing you some great value. We look forward to your feedback, your suggestions, and your input and we look forward to growing a community because that’s what happens if you live here. 

So here we are getting ready to shoot episode three and what happens? 


Restaurants are out of business. Can’t do anything. Can’t do any business in house. Can’t go out and meet the owners and tell the stories of those great people. But we feel that it’s important to continue to push the message of small business owners here on Long Island during the times where you can’t literally go out and sit down in a restaurant and eat.

Dean Miller (02:12):

So what do we do about that? 

We said, “Hey, they’re all doing takeout now and more and more of them are doing it. Let’s help promote what they’re doing.” So what did we do? Here’s the take out series. 

For the next couple of weeks, until things start to go back to whatever the new normal is and I really don’t like that phrase, but whatever it is before we can sit down at a table and meet that host and meet that chef and the restaurant owner, we wanted to bring you their great products so that we can get your opinion, and then we can go back and tell the stories of who these amazing people are. 

So thanks so much for tuning in and stay tuned, we’re going to start eating. When you’re in Wantagh and you’re in the mood for pub food, there are so many options here. One of the newest, one of my favorite ones that I’ve been to recently is Craft in Wantagh. A couple of my personal favorites, Philly cheese steak egg rolls. I love a good egg roll.

Dean Miller (03:08):

And what they did here, taking Philly cheese, wrapping it up, crisping it perfectly with a nice cheddar cheese dipping sauce, absolutely fantastic stuff. First course, a beautiful appetizer, comes two egg rolls cut in half, you got a table of four, it’s perfect to share. 

You want to be an animal, eat the whole thing yourself, nothing wrong with that. A beautifully fried egg roll wrapper, I love anything in an egg roll, with that Philly cheese steak feel to it. You got that chop meat, you’ve got the cheese stuffed in there, you’ve got a couple things of seasoning and a beautiful cheddar sauce to go right on top of it. Absolutely wonderful. 

Get that meal started with all that super salt level that you need, so you can have a couple more drinks, why not? You’re out having a good time. Got to have wings when you go to a pub, right? Barbecue, bourbon wings. Now, what Craft does, they use the standard size wing, I believe they fry them because they come out insanely crispy. It’s a red sauce, it’s a little bit sweet.

Dean Miller (04:09):

I’m bourbon obsessed, so that makes this one of my favorites, but it’s got a subtle little sweetness to it, but it’s not sugar sweet. It’s got that beautiful blend balanced on the tongue. And it’s got just a little hint of spice to it, but it’s not spicy, if that makes sense. 

So if you look at that sweet and sour kind of mentality, but it’s got a beautiful bourbon feel to it as well. 

It’s a fantastic wing. It’s one of those novelty wings as I call them, it’s Buffalo wings and then everything else is a novelty in my opinion. But this is one of those unique ones that I don’t see that often and I absolutely loved it. The flavor on these things are fantastic. I could pound a dozen of these things by myself with no problem at all. 

One of the other nice things that Craft does is they do their wings either on the bone or boneless, so you get two options there, which is a real smart move in my opinion.

Dean Miller (04:59):

And then who doesn’t love a crazy ass burger? Bacon, mac and cheese, Pat LaFrieda burger. 

Pat LaFrieda burgers are some of the best quality ones out there that you can get. The blend of meat that’s used in a burger clearly defines the quality of it and Pat LaFrieda is second to none. He’s one of the best ones on the market. 

This bacon mac and cheese, onion, pickle, Pat LaFrieda burger on a beautiful brioche toasted bun, absolutely fantastic.

Wrapping Things Up

You can’t go wrong when you go to Craft in Wantagh. It’s one of those places where the people are kind, the food is fantastic, the crowd has got a great energy to it. It’s just one of those places you want to go back to.

Did we pique your interest in what Nassau County’s South Shore has to offer? For the best house listings in Wantagh, NY and other Long Island communities, contact us today.

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