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Pastrami Reuben Egg Rolls, absolutely killer stuff!

Welcome back to another episode of, If You Live Here. This is the takeout edition, version 2. 

Things had gotten crazy. We can’t get out there and visit people and get to know the staff and the people who make these great local establishments so fantastic. But what we can do is continue to promote them and the hard work that they’re putting into, putting a fantastic product in a box, so we can bring it home and put it on a plate. 

Ridgewood Station Tavern is another one of those places here in Wantagh that has done a fantastic job since the day they opened of putting a great product and a great experience out there for us as customers.

While we’re doing the take-home thing, we figured let’s put it together and show you some of the things that they do that are fantastic. 

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Welcome To "Ridgewood Station Tavern" in Wantagh

The Perfect Appetizer?

So, the first thing we got here, I love anything wrapped up in an egg roll wrapper and thrown in a fryer. Because it’s so good for me. Right? 

Pastrami Reuben Egg Rolls absolutely killer stuff. 

You got everything you need in there, tastes fantastic. The only thing missing is the rye bread and this takes it to the next generation because it gives you that crunch. Fantastic stuff. 

A little Thousand Island dressing to dip it in there. Fantastic. It’s like old world meets new world. It’s a great blend. It’s a great blend. A wonderful product. Great way to start a meal. 

Two rolls in there, cut them in half. 

Share them with your friends. 

Have that communal meal. 

Everybody, give a little cheers and a raise to the old pastrami.

On Deck, A New York Staple

Buffalo wings are something that are near and dear to so many of our hearts.

I went with the hot wings here at Ridgewood Station Tavern because they do a great job with it. It’s not one of those ones that makes your eyes tear and your ears smoke, your sneezing for three days; However, it’s got a massive kick to it that I’ve always loved. Not super crispy, so you get a good bite out of it. You don’t just get that crunch and the crust sticking to your teeth. 

And then that heat just builds up. Fantastic. It runs through your whole mouth, but it kind of comes and goes. It’s not one of those lingering heats that’s going to make you cry your eyes out. And there are plenty of places around here that can do that. But this I think is a great hot wing that most people can eat and enjoy a lot, without having to say, “Oh my God, I can’t taste what’s next.”

One Of My Personal Favorites

Because, what’s next. You all know, I love my burgers. 

The Smash burger!

Got some fries sticking to it. Real simple, straightforward, bottom to top toasted English muffin, double patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickle.


Wrapping It Up At "Ridgewood Station Tavern"

Listen, we’re not going to get healthy eating any of these places. But you know what, we’re going to walk out with a massive smile on our faces and feel fantastic.

The Owners At Ridgewood

The people who run Ridgewood could not be nicer. 

It’s a team of three retired New York police offices from the area, from the Island. 

They’re great people. 

They give back to the community. 

I can’t wait to introduce you to all of them. They’re just some of the most generous people you’re going to meet. And they’re just true hard working and great quality people. And they’re all about community, which is what our goal is here as well, to talk about what life is like in the community if you live here.

Bottom Line...

We highly recommend you go check out the people at Ridgewood Station Tavern

They’re doing specials right now, specials for takeout during the whole quarantine. They’re doing some family meals. They’re doing some liquor takeout; Like most of the bars are doing. 

Great value. Great opportunity to try some different things… mix and match… bring it home… chop it up… have the family all share a little bit of everything… and try out a new place.

Did we pique your interest?

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