Kitchen Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to home improvement, a kitchen renovation is one of the most transformative and profitable projects to take on.

Not only is it the place where residents have their meals, but it’s a room in a home that will host some fantastic memories and serious conversations.

For a place like that, a careful and complete renovation is essential.

So when your project is interrupted by a self-inflicted hiccup, the pause can be excruciating. If there’s an indefinite wait until you can resume your project, it can feel like your efforts were totally wasted.

To avoid this, keep reading for eight common kitchen renovation mistakes. We’ll let you know what problems to look out for and how to avoid them.

1. Planning Alone

Doing kitchen renovations is intensive for any novice. But doing it alone makes it that much harder and more dangerous. That’s why when it comes to collaboration, speaking to a professional is best.

Don’t worry about losing your conceptual footing — a professional won’t threaten your original vision. In fact, a professional will harness your vision and perfect it. They’ll also make sure that your project is structurally sound and follows building regulations.

2. Limiting Your Timeline

Installing new kitchen lighting and replacing kitchen cabinets may seem like simple tasks. But construction work is famously difficult to plan correctly. While you could gun for your own deadlines, prioritizing quick work over good work will lead to long-term dissatisfaction.

Make sure you add plenty of extra time to your timeline. This applies especially to bigger projects, as they tend to experience frequent delays. Use the timeline as a reference, but don’t rely on it to be perfectly carried out.

3. Winging Your Budget

“Winging” it may sound harsh, but renovations need a ton of research behind them for a proper kitchen renovation budget estimate. Otherwise, sometimes renovation jobs don’t get finished because of the homeowner’s budget. While they might not have predicted this financial letdown, it still results in unfinished eyesores.

Renovations also come with unexpected costs, as you may realize you need a certain material or service. It’s also true that you might change your mind about a design or have a new idea for a mini-project. Without proper allocation and room for improvisation, an inadequate budget leads to a disappointing scenario — instead of enjoying a brand new kitchen, you instead are stuck with a work in progress.

4. Adding Too Much

Sometimes, less really is more. It’s easy to go a little stir-crazy when browsing a home improvement catalog. And sure, many of these are great potential fits for your home’s design plan.

But you can’t add all of these options to your home at the same time — doing so adds clutter to your home instead of beauty. Open space is still a crucial part of your kitchen design and adds dimension in and of itself. Don’t forget about the beauty of minimalism, and plan your ornamental decisions with it in mind.

5. Forgetting About Storage

For a kitchen, storage is vital. From bulk foods to giant sacks of chips, organizing and storing these items is important for your meals and for the look of your space.

Combine function with beauty and include storage options that also look wonderful. By investing in built-in shelves and drawer dividers, you put function at the forefront of your aesthetic plan, too.

6. Changing Your Mind Too Much

The excitement of a kitchen renovation can be overwhelming, especially with a dense home improvement catalog in hand. But it’s no excuse to change your mind too frequently, which could lead to haphazard jobs and a drained budget.

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s smart to make room in your budget for unforeseen costs. Otherwise, you might end up with a kitchen that’s either a little too eclectic, barely finished, or both.

7. Not Making Room for Guests

After you finish building your new kitchen, you might want to show it off. However, that can be tough if your kitchen can’t comfortably accommodate guests.

Adding some extra furniture, perhaps a mini-bar, and an entrance to an outdoor kitchen area will expand your ability to accommodate guests. It will also expand guests’ appreciation of your kitchen, leading them to want to visit again.

8. Neglecting the Big Picture

Buying everything that tickles your fancy and sticking them in one place won’t do your purchases much justice. In fact, adding more things against each other might muddy up your aesthetic, which could make your kitchen even uglier than it was before.

So before you purchase that rug, think about it — how will it look against the flooring? Is it the right size for the floor? Do its color and finish tie the room together or do they make your addition stick out like a sore thumb?

Don’t ring up your purchases one at a time. Instead, take the time to carefully comb through your decisions, understanding how everything looks against each other. After all, a cohesive kitchen looks most complete.

Don’t Let These Kitchen Renovation Mistakes Wreck Your Project!

From potential property sales to simple homeowner satisfaction, kitchen renovation projects can elevate the lifestyles of every resident in a home. That’s why avoiding common kitchen renovation mistakes is important, as it can save you time, money, and a lot of grief.

At Dean Miller Real Estate, we understand the perspectives of both the seller and the homebuyer. That’s why we offer premium real estate services for anyone looking into the real estate market. So if you have any questions for us, contact us today — let’s have a talk about your property.

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