How Long Island Realtors Guide You Through the Home Selling Process

Did you know that around 4.8 million properties were sold in 2020 in the US?

In 2019, that figure was even higher, standing at a whopping 6 million homes sold! If you’re looking to move house and want to put your property on the market, you’re definitely not alone.

But selling a home can be a tricky maze you have to manoeuver. And with so much competition making sure your home stands out is essential. This is where our Long Island realtors come in, helping people in Nassau County and the surrounding areas sell their properties quickly, without hassle, and for the best price.

If you’re still wondering why hire a realtor? here’s what they can do for you.

Set Your Property’s Value

When it comes to selling your property, getting the price right is key. If you set it too high then your property’s going to be stuck on the market for years to come, and if you set it too low then you’re going to lose out on a lot of money! This is where your realtor will help you out.

One of the benefits of hiring a realtor is that they know the market and how to price your home accordingly. They’ll have a viewing of your home, taking into account all of its features and the condition it’s in, as well as factors like the area it’s located. Your realtor can then use their knowledge of the Nassau County market prices to value your home properly.

This market knowledge is complex and detailed, and your realtor will likely be using years worth of knowledge to value your home. That’s the kind of experience that’s essential to valuations and answers the question of should I hire a realtor? with a definitive yes!

Increase Your Property’s Value

Once your realtor has priced your property, if you’re not happy and would like more they can help. A skilled, local realtor knows what sells and what can quickly boost the value of a home here on Long Island. This uniquely qualifies them to advise you on these things. They might point out areas of repairs that could boost your price or DIY home improvements that will instantly make your property more appealing.

Help You Market Your Long Island Home

Once your property is valued, it’s time to get the news out to the world. No one’s going to look at your home unless they know it’s for sale, and to get the best buyers you need to market to a wide audience. Once again, your realtor will take this stress out of your hands (or work alongside you if you want a little more marketing control).

Marketing of your property can include:

  • Taking quality images and a virtual tour
  • Adding a For Sale sign to your property
  • Listing your property on the right websites
  • Creating flyers
  • Planning an open house
  • Sharing your property on their social media

Your realtor will discuss the marketing methods they use with you so that you can work out which you’d like to do. Remember to take their advice on this – they know what they’re doing!

Conduct Your Viewings

If you’re looking for tips on how to sell my house, conducting viewings is essential. Very few people would buy a property they haven’t looked around! But, viewings are about more than just letting someone take a walk through your rooms.

They’re about selling the house and making the viewer want to live there. A good realtor will make sure the viewer spots all of the great features of your home and help them imagine themselves within the property. If your house is a little run down, they’ll also be able to show potential buyers the potential of the place, giving them ideas on how it can be improved and how they can make it their own.

You can conduct viewings of your property yourself, but a realtor is experienced at doing this. They’ll have a much better chance of warming your potential buyers to your house! They’ll also add a professional feel that will put viewers at ease and build trust, which is essential to a sale.

Help You Find a Serious Buyer

There are lots of people out there who want to view homes that are out of their reach. Whether they’re nosy and want to check out your interiors, or they just don’t know they don’t have the means to buy it, these viewings waste time and money – especially if they come back for a second! Your realtor’s job is to find you serious viewers who can buy your property.

There are a number of ways this can be done, including looking into the viewer’s own property situation. If they’re selling a home, it’s much more likely they’re a serious buyer. They can also check if they’re pre-approved for a mortgage or where the funds are coming from if they’re paying in cash.

Manage Your Sale

Managing the sale of your property is serious business! There are a lot of legalities involved and it can be incredibly time-consuming to manage it on your own. Luckily, you won’t have to with a realtor.

Your Long Island realtor will guide you through the process, explaining any legal terms you don’t know and helping you understand what’s happening at every step of the sale. The final step of a home sale involves a whole lot of paperwork, but your realtor will take care of this so you don’t have to.

Our Nassau County, Long Island Realtors

Wondering how to hire a local realtor? It couldn’t be easier with Dean Miller Real Estate. We have a team of trusted, experienced realtors on Long Island specializing in Nassau County and the surrounding areas, who would love to help you sell your property.

Get started today and let’s get your house on the market!

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